Guild Section

Guild duties - Anyone over lvl 45 can take this special guild, but its recommended to take it after lvl 60. You get a special bag to hold even more items, have your own booth to sell EQ or items and can barter to sell items for even more cash and buy items cheaper. This is just a 5 level guild, but many take this guild to help their cash flow.

Sub Guilds - The guild has no subs.

Guild Benefits - Many! Here we can even identify items and put them into a catalog. We do not have to travel to city and back when our iventory gets full to quickly from loot and when we do go back to the city to sell items, we can make perhaps 3 to 4 times the profit.

Guild disadvantages - If you are making too much money, the powers that be may decide to run events that disrupt your money making. Imps can raid booths and the bank can be raided. Its true that you do not have to pay tax on booths, but security is not so good.