The Thief Guild

EXP NEEDED TO BECOME A THIEF : EXP around 400 Meg (You need to have more exp to be a decent thief more like 1 gig or 1000 MEG)

Guild duties: Well being a thief can be the most rewarding in fun and excitement, however it does have its downfalls. Thieves usually pkill other mudders or just try loot their eq or money from stupid parties who don't know they are being tracked.

Sub Guilds:

Assassins - Does what it says on the label. Greater backstabbing abilities, useful not only for pkill, but for exp. Not all thieves like to cause trouble and this is great for exp making.

Herbalists - Use this for causing trouble, smoke bombs, poison and trappings.

Master_thieves - Chest picking abilities

Muggers - This sub specializes in hand to hand combat, mainly thrusting and hitting.

Guild Benefits: Stealing and upsetting lowbies, newbies and some midbies. Some thieves stay away from highbies. Come to think of it some thieves are highbies. Its real fun to be a thief, you ll never know how stupid some players are when checking glows on thier eq without wearing them. Or hanging around the tinkers with POTS of money on them. Thieves also have a skill called backstab which can cause major damage and stun on the first round of battle. They also have other tricks up their sleeves in the rules of dirty fighting.

Guild disadvantages: Getting caught! and getting caught means that almost every mudder knows who you are and what you are doing. This means you may be pkilled for no reason. Another reason is its not that easy to make a living as a thief unless you know where there are always going to be rich pickings. Sometimes its just to hard to steal EQ from parties and if you annoy a highbie EQ party and get caught then you ll find problems even after you reinc from the thief guild.

Solo Ability : Thieves can solo quite well since strangle and backstab can drop a lot of 18k- 30k monsters with little effort, it depends on the thiefs dagger though. However when a thief gets bored in looking for exp then they can excite themselves in sneeking into the city to annoy stupid mudders...hah hah haaa!

Party Ability : Near non-existant. Who in their right mind (except me) would party with a thief? unless its for exp. I am glad thieves can't steal exp. Well they do if they pkill you anyway.

Finances : If they can find lots of frequent targets in the city and in parties then a thief finances are great. Although its too difficult these days to make a good life as a thief since the mud has gone pkill crazy. This means players are pkilled for the most stupid of reasons by hanging around in the room place at the wrong time. Or saying something on the mud that does not agree with anyone.

Besides that thieves can make plenty of money opening chests and killing money mobs around the area.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Can be great for Offence with the backstab, strangle and poison skills. Plus for defense they can grapple, hide or fake death. No one in their right mind would attack a thief. Its even difficult to find them anyway.

Overall Conclusions : A good thief is mainly meant for those who have a good worth. Otherwise forget it. Its too hard. You could also use the thief guild to compensate on primary guilds that require more dex e.g. Samurai, maybe some fighter combos, archer/ranger.