Swords and Ancient Weapons

Swords Ancients
Coroding scourager A long leather whip
A wicked longsword hand of life
Saw of Death The ancient warglove
'the Sentinel' Lucifer's pitch fork
Blade of Illusion Rusty Sickle
Mardaukaretha sword Onyx sickle
The drow slayer fiery whip of the Balrog
The SILVERBLOOD Claws of Assassination
Sword of the Protector Saw of Mighty Cutting
black matte sword Death Scythe
The Heartseeker A black Hellspear
Blackened broadsword ancient tooth of Dune
Sword of Enfall Ninjitsa claws
Black obsidian Metallic claws
The Bloodhunter The Dragons Teeth
Sword of the planes Claws of the Dragon
beautiful broadsword The fang of Kriesha
Senior Officer's Sword steel kusarigama
The Mortal Splitter A glossy platinum sickle
Mithril Katana whip of torment
Old dark charred blade  
A dark charred blade
The sword, Sunbringer
sword named Orcrist
Kruse sword
Vorpal Blade
Sword of thunder
sword called 'Ffor'
blue steel long sword
Drayl Sword
A beautiful sword hilt
sword named 'Zarcuthra'
Ghost blade
Berserk sword
Ascalon, the crystal sword
Old Vorpal Blade  
long sword named 'Delios'