The Sorcerers Guild

Guild duties: Blaster guild for the veteran player, although newbies can join the guild, its a lot harder to maintain than joining mages or psionicists. Sorcerers are still though more interesting for solo and partying due to their mastery system.

Sub Guilds:

The faction of Chaos - If going sorcerer you can choose either chaos spells or order, but you cannot choose both, unless taking balance. Its not good to take balance unless finishing the masteries of chaos and order spells.

The faction of Balance - Here you can work up on finishing both chaos and order spells.

The faction of Order - This sub allows you to work on order spells, but limits chaos spells.

Guild Benefits: Mainly the mastery system. Stay in the guild long enough and you ll become one decent powerful blaster. Good sorcerers can easily get into parties and some EQ parties as well, but it takes time since even though sorcerer masteries are powerful, they do take a long time to build up.

Guild disadvantages: The guild can be expensive to study although now days quite a few disagree. Mastery farming can take time and starting out as a sorcerer can be quite hard since the spells are rather weak to begin with.

Solo Ability : A lot more exciting than the usual mage and sorcerers have amusing spells to make life more interesting in combat.

Party Ability : Sorcerers are most welcome in exp parties, even if they suffer in some preferance department. The sorcerers spells are very damaging and can be greatly needed in some EQ parties.

Finances : Quite good, but again most money can be made from EQ parties. If you know many areas then solo is ok to build up money, but then that goes for most guilds apart from abjurer and healer.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Very good. Some sorcerer spells can take out an unwary target in one shot, other spells can disable a target for a while. Epilepsy is one of the spells you want to avoid being hit with. Sorcerer area spells can be most annoying to get caught in. Still, sorcerers do not have a lot of HP so they cannot stay in battle too long.

Overall Conclusions : Sorcerers benefit with their mastery system and if you stay in the guild for long periods then its worth taking the option to go sorcerer, but beware that sorcerers can be time consuming and expensive. Its the guild mainly for veteran blasters. Ask around before joining.