The Samurai Guild


Guild duties: Mainly to see the damage messages you do on the monsters. You can spend some time harnising the power of your sword and wander the land slaying whatever beasts you come across. Samurais in real life spent a whole life time working on the mastery of this or that e.g. either their sword, their code or mastery of their life.

So the samurai guild in zombiemud works around working on masteries. So expect to be checking on masteries for your sword and other techniques.

Sub Guilds:


The Ninja Sub - I believe if taking this sub, you need to speak to someone to get a password to get in. The sub shows its power if you mix it with the thief guild.

The Samurai Sub - Could be more for hitter types, I ve not really tested this sub.

Guild Benefits: Similar to monk, although samurai's use a special sharp sword rather than a spiked fist to do their damage. These swords can be boosted with different damage types with sharpness and poison and electricity.

Samurais mainly solo and have been known to drop 1 megs at midbie level. Also samurai's can throw shurikens at monsters which are similar to the dam of an acid arrow or better. They can make different types of shurikens to. Their sword can also headcut monsters and pieces of the monsters flesh may drop to the ground in which anyone can eat *YUK*.

Guild disadvantages: It used to be bad and getting worse, publicity of the guild has suffered and no one except a few are really interested in being a sucky samurai who hardly parties. Perhaps the melee combat messages need to be changed. However most samurais perfer to just do more damage and take less damage.

The leader of the Samurai's who used to be Musashi was constantly complaining that he leads no one but the idle and even thieves refuse to hide as a samurai, mainly because they are to embrassed to be one.

Now from the year 2010 the samurai guild has become more newbie friendly so it works as a primary guild and not always serving as a secondary guild. Throw has been upgraded and KI actually does more than just stun. Masteries are more fun to work at and there are plenty of surprises in store.

Solo Ability : Used to be hard work, but now its very good if you have ok worth. Boosting your sword is much easier as long as you have picked a good race.

Party Ability : For exp parties it is excellent as samurai's do plenty of melee damage and can preff their swords with ease. Samurais can be hard to find, but you ll be missing out on a lot if you do not have one in your exp parties. For EQ parties samurais are not common.

Finances : Not too bad, Sams can carry quite a lot of items, not as much as figs or rangers though.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : For offensive samurais they can do very well. I remember a highbie warlock attacked me when I was a newbie and a couple of crits from my sword made the warlock change his mind. Samurai's can hit VERY hard, on anyone stupid enough to face them head on.

Overall Conclusions : Its too difficult to be a samurai these days for one its still too expensive for skills and spells and they are not that great at soloing unless your of high lev. Samurai's also rarely party either. Only join this guild if you have a lot of exp. Although I can't see why, since there is not a single great benefit for joining anyway.