The Ranger Guild

EXP NEEDED TO HAVE FUN AS A RANGER : 20 MEG to 300 MEG, you can scrape by on 0 exp.

Guild duties: Fun and adventure. Almost all rangers choose to solo because they do not need to party much or they prefer not to. Rangers go around killing monsters with axes and swords while having pets to help them. Rangers now have Masteries with 5...YES FIVE paths to choose to become the BAD ASS nature loving master.

Sub Guilds:

Rangers_of_the_deep_forest - A 10 lvl sub where you specialize in throwing axes. You get a powerful pet in the form of a bear, which does the most damage out of all the pets.

Rangers_of_the_forgotten_desert - A 10 lvl sub, probably the cheapest where you work on using swords. You get a drake (some sort of dragon) which does powerful blasting spells and can teleport you to places.

Rangers_of_the_high_mountain - A sub which needs high dex. This time we get to work on arrow mastery. This 10 lvl sub can allow you to do large amounts of damage, but soloing can be difficult at times.

Ranger_loremasters - A 5 lvl sub if you choose to take it, enhances ranger skills like Inner strength, wilderness survival and arrow enchanting. We also get the chance to summon even larger animals to aide us.

Guild Benefits: Mainly fun and some rate. Plus rangers can make a lot of money due to their pets carrying items to the weapon or armour shop. Rangers also have powerful skills in attacking and do not take so long overall to kill monsters as fighters do.

This is because their pets being either bear, wild cat, wolf or drake help the ranger in combat. A major advantage over the fighter guild is that rangers have skills, which help them survive easier out in the wilderness. These can range from finding healing and skill boosting berries to camping and fire building.

Guild disadvantages: Rangers are not so specialised in tanking EQ as those joining the fighter guild. This means they find life hard tanking EQ although rangers can hold their own tanking most exp parties. Rangers also most take care of their pets otherwise those very helpers will attack their masters. After a while a ranger might feel left out in not being able to adventure in groups and will instead try join the fighters guild.

Solo Ability : Pretty good. A ranger can easily explore and look for money in certain areas. They can make their own food and sell equipment from far away. Exp rates are quite good to. Since pets don't soak up so much exp.

Party Ability : Rangers sometimes tank exp parties. However they prefer to do damage in the parties I ve been in. They can heal SPs and HPs with good berries at times. Although the healing is small its better than nothing. Rangers do not like tanking EQ parties unless they are high in a level.

Finances : VERY good, notice I put the word 'very' in caps. This is because their pets can sell items at shops while the ranger is looking for more items to sell.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : For offense rangers are quite good, but they are not so good without their pets. Rangers can also track their victims if they decide on hit and run tactics. Be careful of taking out casters since rangers cannot dodge blasts as monks can.

Overall Conclusions : Anyone can join this guild. Its fun and most can get into a lot of adventures. I have not been ranger for a long time though. Plus some highbies say monk is the best guild to go for. However this guild is very handy for money making and soloing.