The Psionicist Guild


Warning for you ll progress as a PSI, you ll notice you now need a LOT of sp regen EQ.

Guild duties: This is another blaster guild, but this time they have a better chance of getting into EQ and EXP parties due to their stun spells mainly. If you want to blast your way to the top and enter a lot of paladin EQ and EXP parties then psi guild is the one for you.

Sub Guilds:

Psychokinetics - A strange sub, more preff damage I think

Psychometabolics - Here we can work on nerve mastery and stunning power.

Telepathics - Mainly used for pkilling techniques. You can spy on your foes from a distant and their is little escape from them.

Guild Benefits: They do not hardly even get stunned with the stun prot spell they use. Plus they have been tuned well, which means the guild is not so unstable. So there is a good choice of sub guilds for psi's to choose either in tracking and watching players, defense and offense. Psi's can EASILY get parties no problem, tanks being ranger, fighters or paladins can be easily found and clerics instead of healers which are rare now days can be used to heal.

Guild disadvantages: Not many although soloing can be very boring. Plus they don't intend to make money by soloing either. Psi's now have the chance to heal themselves to, which means they can try take out bigger monsters than before. Psionicists can also lack some preferances for EQ parties, but then again mages do not have psionic preferance abilities.

Prepare to regen a lot since their blasting spell makes for psi's running out of SPs very quickly.

Solo Ability : A lot better than mages because of the stun prot and force shield, psionicists can actually take on bigger mobs than mages, but regening can be a problem since their main spell psychic crush can be demanding in the SP department.

Party Ability : The Best. Its very easy for a psi to set a party up (if they know how to). Psi's can also get into highbie eq parties due to their powerful blasting damage and a lot of highbie mobs hate psionic preffs the most. EXP parties are no problem for psi's because they can due a prot spell that can lessen some phys dam. I used to tank 2 megs along with a psi prot spell and that was when I was only a low levelranger.

Finances : Not too good, its usually best for Psi's to make money from EQ parties.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : Trying to get away from a psi's PC spell is Nasty and its not worth bothering them. Although some Psi's have a defense spell as well, although I do not know how good the spell is.

Overall Conclusions : A great guild all round as long as you get the PC spell for soloing and blasting and IW spell for partying.