The Paladin Guild

EXP NEEDED TO BECOME A PALADIN AND HAVE FUN : EXP 400 MEG (Good Paladins must reach level 60 to be least)

(Even though this guild is NOT a newbie guild..there is no reason to start around lvl 46/48 and then train higher in the sub guild)

Guild duties: Opposite of Warlock, but less powerful. However quite a large chunk of the mud players are paladins. These dudes attack evil monsters and are one of the best tankers in the game. Their shields offer lots of bonuses due to status points (see kadaan's homepage) and they can solo quite well to and make some profit from it.

Sub Guilds:

Knights_hospitalar - Here we get to support EQ parties and some exp parties. This sub has the BEST aog protection, but they do not hardly do much damage. Not a sub choosen often.

Knights_inquisitor - The best and common choice for a paladin. This is the blaster type sub, so choose a race that has ok mana and HP. The sub is the cheapest of all paladin's sub and can solo very well.

Knights_templar - The second choice for paladins, but very expensive sub. This sub specializes in hitting with swords. The sub allows for effective tanking as well, but if mixing with fighter guild, DO NOT TRAIN DODGE or you will mess up paladin tanking skills.

Guild Benefits: Fun and adventure. Paladins can Easily set up exp parties in fact they are the base for exp parties mainly for aliens, guardians and other evil monster areas. High level paladins can even solo 3 meg eq. However newbie paladins have a long suffering life in soloing exp monsters.

Guild disadvantages: Damage ability unless (weapon pref kicks in). It can take ages for a paladin to bring some monsters down. What is worse is if the monster turns out to be a turbo. Status points are not too easy to get either. Plus if a paladin attacks a good monster by mistake then they can loose tons of status points which means they will loose shield stats at times.

Solo Ability : Most paladins perfer to solo to make a good rate. Its not to boring either. However finding evil monsters can be a pain, since other guilds are in competion in killing non-evil and evil monsters. Still paladins can get by, by attacking harder evil monsters. Some paladins can even heal themselves quite well to help push the battle along. Plus paladins use a prot spell to help them take less damage, which poor figs have to rely on ignore pain or crappy defend to help them take less damage.

Party Ability : One of the best guilds for tanking evil EQ and EXP monsters. Since paladins dont have to look for abjs that much unless they need stun prot, which they can get from healers or psi's. Paladins can make exp parties no problem and EQ parties can be fun too. However they can only do evil EQ monsters.

Finances : Not too bad its the same as fig. Just mainly killing monsters and running to the shops and back. Can be tiring and boring. However since its eaiser for paladins to make EQ parties. They can get the extra benefit from selling EQ.

Offencies and Defenses for Pkilling : If you attack a paladin and your align is evil, then watch out. However paladins can parry hits eaiser than usual, although they can't dodge blasts.

Overall Conclusions : Anyone can be a paladin, although at lower levels you don't get the prot spell from evil monsters. This guild you would need at least 50 meg worth to stay in the guild long enough to have some fun in.