Varch, the captain of the guards.

Mission Objective : If we can breach the temple where shalash is guarding we must find ourselves a key to study the dark arts or look for a demonic warrior. A certain captain has the key and we believe his name is Varch who is a foul being. We believe his quarters are to the east of the temple stronghold.

Target briefing : Varch is cautious and is well aware of our plotting he will have two chaos guards at the enterance and some guard dogs strolling by the door. I think the dogs will be lazy and ignore us, but the chaos guards will cause us much trouble.

Treasure Information : We need a key, but other items are useful here.

Battle Plans : Once we are in varch's room, varch will attack on site. We must wimpy in the correct direction or the chaos guards will reinforce defenses.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, abjurer, healer and blasters or hitters.