This ugly Blighter needs to catch some flies instead...will you fall foul of Explicit's Rantings? or are you here to get revenge on all those newbies this spiders killed?


Toughness Level : Hits very hard and is bound to area...tracks like a high level ranger looking for berries.

Monster Attacks : Mainly poisons I think

Hints to Directions : Under the Mages guild, s, pull torch, w, N, stairs, head nw and look for a coffin to enter.

EQ : Spider leggings is amoung them.

Method of Attack : There is an exit, if you can find it. however summon is faster, if you dont have it then there is another way. When all party members have reached the bottom of the coffin, then all go in one place then find devourer, blast him and flee to another room and get healed up. Beware he may teleport into room.

Protting information : Its NOT GRAP, but something else? You ll need IW though.