Spellcasting elf

Mission Objective : Word is that around the ranger guild or outside the ranger guild there is an old elf spellcasting or practicing on casting spells. No one has ever seen him cast a spell but none stay around and see what he casts. He seems to be holding some kind of staff which looks good for a fighter to hold; Many have fallen before this very old elf thinking he may just be another wood elf and others who have escaped mentioned that he has GREAT resistance to damage except physical?

Target briefing : Seems to hit quite hard. So the bring an abjurer with you. It also does some nasty area. Being that he has very good resistance to magic dam but less on phys dam perhaps ask a few blasters to come along.

Treasure Information : A valuable staff.

Battle Plans : When the elf begins to weaken, he ll summon elementals to block you out. So make sure you have a way of navigating outside the battle.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, healer, abjurer and some blasters.