The Gremlin Shamen

IMission Objective : It seems the gremlins has been making a handsome profit of having slaves digging in the mine shafts. However unknown to them some new profit hunters are in town. Its time to free some slaves. Although the gremlin isn't stupid his locked himself in a room where he can not be disturbed. Where is the key?

Target briefing : Not too much is know, our spy has trouble is having trouble getting the key.

Location : Go all the way down the mine shaft and explore. You will need to look for a gremlin chief to get a key.

Treasure Information : We believe he has a black skull

Battle Plans : I don't remember him blasting, although if he does, I will not be surprised. He does not area though. Once his kicked the bucket, don't waste time killing his helpers, just make a run for it.

Usual alies and recruits : for a newbie party since the shamen calls on his helpers prepare for battle royal.