Pranthos the evil sorcerer

Mission Objective : We must destroy a evil sorcerer and take his equipment. There is a war between the devils there so it will be good to aide a side since we might need favours later.

Target briefing :He is in uphill well far west of the city and north. Sigh! when your in that area, head sw and open door west.  Then go south and west and south, kill wennar who is protecting someone. Then go up and give the stableboy a good spanking.  When some strange image curses you. Then persue the chase to the door you had opened.
Once there you ll find two sentries who stand there guarding a locked west door and some stupid ass leader.  Give the leader a good beating and even when the sentries find it amusing that their leader has been killed.  Turn their smiles in to a shock of horror. 

Beware the sentries are not stupid and the room is rigged with traps like some boiling vat poured on some poor ol newbies head and six "yes SIX arrows" end up shooting into you like a pin cushsion
Once you ve killed the sentries, loot their boodies and unlock the west door then head west and south for the butler who seems to be standing there humming to himself.  Kill the butler who happens to have the demon inside him. Then head out east, north all the way west and south and west.

Kill the chef and loot him for the key.  Open the door south and pull rope down and enter the door while your doing this.....AND QUICKLY.
Once you have stopped at the bottom floor in the lift. Open the door go east and se and unlock the door with the key from the chef. Go east and north, prot yourself and go east....Prepare you self for the FINAL CONFRONTATION!!!

Treasure Information : Some caster cloak which we can sell or keep.

Battle Plans : Nothing too tricky here, but if he summons too many guards in which the poor tank cannot take anymore, please wimpy, since some of pranthos helpers will follow you and attack you as you wimpy.  Don't stay in too long on areas either.

Usual alies and recruits : Dispite the quest being so long, we might not need too much power. we will need some healing support, but a cleric might do and some blasters or hitters.