A Strange twisting demonic portal

Mission Objective : For no reason a portal appears in the zombiemud city. It spews forth all manner of nasty demons. We are to destroy the portal and hope it never returns too soon.

Target briefing : The portal tends to appear at central square so that way it can get as many victims as possible. The good thing is that the portal is easy to find. We have to watch out for black stalkers, chaos warriors and dogs fo fire or hell hounds. Beware of the odd warlock or two because they wish to protect the portal.

Treasure Information : The portal drops ancient secrets which might help you in a killer war, there is also another item, but it does not last so long.

Battle Plans : As long as you have a good tanker and its fully protected then there is not too much to worry about, except the portal does devastating fire areas, so becareful.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, blaster, healer and abjurer.