Myconid King

Mission Objective : We are to try and get a new hat for a ranger and a nice long axe for a cyclop ranger. An abjurer would also like a ring. We also might want to bully the king to hand us a jewel.

Target briefing : The king sits in his hut surrounded by guards outside. If your foolish to attack him, expect more guards to run to his aide. He is usually a nevous creature, but do not let that fool you in battle. He is a very tricky target.

Location : It is not so easy to get to the king. We need a crowbar to gain entry to the sewers, maybe we can find one in ravenkall gardens. Once we are there we must look for a wall that looks dusty, maybe we should shine something there and might reveal something.

I think a shield will be good to get past that wall, but not any old shield, we should find a rag to shine the shield and then use the shield to get past. So we need to check where the rats are for a rag and then go down to the next level in the sewers and look for a massive ghast or warrior in order to take his shield. Then we must go back to the wall and shine the shield and then hopefully we can look for the aggro guards.

Treasure Information : The king has lots of goodies, see mission objectives if our clients are correct in what they need.

Battle Plans : Once past his guards, we must not attack on site. We should plan our attack, because escaping from battle will be difficult if our power is not so great. We might need some dimension or someone to summon us back. We should expose the kings weakness first and when we attack, we should remove some guards to give us more breathing room.

Usual alies and recruits : We need a full set here, fighter, mages, abjurer and cleric along with navigator.