Lord Borgan...He who must not be disturbed

Mission Objective : We are to breach tyrir castle defenses and claim treasure for our booty. This will not be easy since we will be attacking the lord of the castle. Lord Borgan is very powerful and has spent some time equiping his castle defenses.

Target briefing : Lord borgan has trained his guards very well to defend him. He does not want to be disturbed at all and his guards know this. Lord borgan does not know any spells, but he can hit very hard.

Treasure Information : The lord of the castle carries many items for the party. We could use such treasures.

Battle Plans : We must take out the guards first unless we are bringing powerful alies in our party. Once the guards are clear, we can then continue you to our main target

Usual alies and recruits : I think a healer type and some protection. Bring blasters because speed is the essence here.