The Lizard King

Mission Objective : We need an amulet to help our caster friends, we also would like to clear the swamps of damora of evil lizards and the best way to do that is defeat their leader.

Target briefing : The king lizard is skilled with poison attacks and can cause poison to weaken our comrades greatly.

Location : The lizard king is very protected and we will need several keys to get to him. I believe one of the keys is located on a huge alligator, so we might have to defeat it. Unless that is the king's guards have the key.

Treasure Information : I believe the king has either a staff or amulet last time we explored there.

Battle Plans : Its best not to stay in on area if you have to, and please leave cleric outside...not where reseting guards are though, since they are blockers and also do the nasty area spell.

Usual alies and recruits : Most parties or groups should not have too much trouble, bring a cleric with you.