The King Maple Tree

Mission Objective : We have to climb and fly over the ancient forest to find the king. The king of the maple tree's is our target and even though they are under seige from dragons, the tree will prove very tough. We have tackled him before and it took hours to defeat since we had bad preferance.

Target briefing : The king uses an ancient weapon call the hand of life, it heals the wielder when in battle draining energy from its target. I think the king does not do spells, but is very powerful and old. The tree has masses of HP.

Location : A top a large forest in the brownie area, we will need flight to avoid blocking trees.

Treasure Information : The hand of life is a precious ancient weapon, difficult to use, but provides many benefits in battle.

Battle Plans : Personally there really is only one place to retreat and thats down, the rest of the battle might be boring, but if we have powerful members and good preference then the task should be a lot easier.

Usual alies and recruits : Only fighter, healer and mid level blasters for this job.