Kelshi who plots against starwind

Update - Kelshi is not around any more and no one can locate him.

Mission Objective : Seems an army has been raised against starwind and his mad priests. However the location of this army is secret unless you recruit to destroy starwind. Could be kelshi is the one to destroy the evil priest

Target briefing : Kelshi is the leader of the resistance sent to to destroy starwind, but since we need that suit kelshi has, we will have to destroy him. There will be protectors helping kelshi, so we will have to be on our guard.

Location : Oddly enough a revist to the area shows no sign of kelshi and the war may have stopped in favour of starwind.

Treasure Information : Battlesuit of rage.

Battle Plans : We have to kill him quickly because the blockers will come back and stop you. Try not to tank him if still poisoned, it put a lot of pressure on healer otherwise.

Usual alies and recruits : A usual setup containing a fighter, healer and some mages.