Kalak the Adventuring Psionicist

Mission Objective : A visit to the tavern in Neckbreaker town reveals our next target. Where jaga-syn is located, we now turn our attention to kalak. Luckily this psionicist is not fully trained, but this does not make him easier.

Target briefing : Kalak will not part with his treasure so easily and will do a number of tricks to cause our party some grief. He still knows several specially related psionic spells.

Treasure Information : His sleeves are his prized possession.

Battle Plans : We must find ourselves some bravery in battle since he can cause fear amongst our troops. We need to hold fast against his iron will and he can take much damage, if we can hold out, then the battle will be ours.

Usual alies and recruits : We should bring people who can stun in battle, make sure you get some support.