Kaira the greedy penguin

Mission Objective : Our target is located deep within the caves just within an opening. We need to pick up several expensive items that could be of some great use to our party. Most of the items seem to be caster, but some items can help fighters. There is also a chance to get a good random item.

Target briefing : Believe it or not Kaira is a big fat greedy penguin and has been known to eat anything on site. We are not sure if the target even exists because the person who told me about this creature was stoned at the time. I think he must have ate a mushroom somewhere.

Location : We need to look for some mushrooms and maybe we might find it in our hullcinations, but we will need to find a cave first and then locate frog guards. Once past the guards we should continue down into the caves and locate and destroy three powerful elementals. One of magic, the other of fire and the last being cold. Once the elementals are destroyed we can then move on to our main target.

Treasure Information : There is lots of tasty items here for our bounty. Amulets and a toy, also a cube and useful random gloves, we might be lucky to get shapeshifter gloves.

Battle Plans : Once at our target, my stoned friend told me that kaira has two powerful helpers. We should target the protter first, then move on to the healer. We should make sure to prot the protter before he prots himself against our blast, perhaps we should put useless prots on him.

If by any chance someone in the party has some food, it might be a wise decision to offer the food to the penguin before she eats our fighter.

Usual alies and recruits : Karia is tough and fighting when stonned is even tougher so experienced adventurers should apply. We need ones that pay attention.