Hfran the Alhcemist

Mission Objective : We have some people interested in some top notch equipment, especially a white belt, which is good for casters. An abjurer is interest in the oaken staff and a fighter wants the shinning gauntlets. Sources say the equipment is located on Hfran the alchemist.

Target briefing : Hfran has been very busy working on his defensives, we know there is a guard outside his premises and there is no other way in, but through the guard. Once in we can only try to prepare ourselves for a hard fight since he will use every trick in the book to ward off our attempts.

Location : Hfran is locate northeast in the village of hor just outside the forest.

Treasure Information : As stated the equipment is high end and we might actually keep the equipment for ourselves rather than sell it.

Battle Plans : Since there is only one way in, it might be noted that there is no way out unless we have a navigator with us. There may be elemental helpers that will fight against us, so we will need to bring an experience healer.

Usual alies and recruits : The target is very hard so only the experienced and most veteran need apply. A party with the setup of a fighter, abjurer and healer, the rest must be high end mages to ensure some success.