The King of frogs stands here grinning

Mission Objective : We are to get doped up and enter a cave to kiss or hug some slime. It is a fantasy which we must awake and fight guards who amuze themselves with jokes.

Target briefing : The frog is not aggressive and it might be doped up itself since all it does is stand there, but once anyone attacks he seems as confident as anything and does the most amazing amount of area spells. In fact his the only target i know that can do many different types of area spells, some are so quick its easy to wipe the party.

Treasure Information : lots of treasure awaits here from caster to dex eq.

Battle Plans : We must protect ourselves from the king and protect the king from what we will not use before the king protects himself. The king can be a great pain at times because when he is about to die he loves nothing better than to heal himself near full, so you will have to exceed your efforts to finish him off.

Usual alies and recruits : Only the best will do.