A Silent Stoneman awaits your Destruction

Mission Objective : Despite what others say, we would like to gain access to Yeao's castle and claim ourselves a ffor sword. I believe the sword has some poison preff.

Target briefing : The guard stands at the front of the castle and shouts warnings to those stupid enough to enter, but we should not be too afraid if our party has been well organised.

Location : The guard (a part of the yeao quest) is in the stonemen village, just inside the tree (you enter a tree at the dump), he  has the ffor sword.

Treasure Information : Hopefully the guard will have a key to gain entry, but we want the ffor sword.

Battle Plans : Should be too much of a problem depending on the abilities of the fighter, but we might has problems with a summoned spirit. Keep an eye on party members incase they get strangled.

Usual alies and recruits : Rank 60 members will do, if you bring psionicists then you could take on one of yeao's forms if you feel brave enough.