Enfall the Hero Gnome

Mission Objective : We need to convince enfall that he is not powerful enough to take down some demons plotting to destroy the earth. The only way to do this is defeat him in battle.

Target briefing : Enfall resides in a secret place north east of the fields, which is east of zombie city. Enfall is holding some staff and wishes for another so he can open a portal. We must stop him, but is there a way we can open the portal once we have defeated him? can we trick him?

Treasure Information : He has a staff, but where is the other staff?

Battle Plans : Enfall is tough and fights like a hero should. We must be careful of his spells and we should all wimpy to a good location if needed.

Usual alies and recruits : We will need a healer type for support and some protection. Bring blasters if needed.