Elf Caster wearing a Nice ring on his finger

Mission Objective : This mission will prove very difficult and is to be undertaken by the most seasoned adventurers. We need to lay our hands on a powerful ring and maybe attack the elven king himself. If we are successful our prestige as respected adventurers will surely grow.

Target briefing : The mage is so powerful that many groups have to retreat often and quickly. The elven mage has guards with him at all times and the elven king himself will cause a lot of trouble in battle. The guards that protect the mage are no ordinary guards, they are well trained in the slasher guild and will surely cause us to retreat often.

Location : We feel that the target is in one of the huts north of the ranger guild somewhere in the forest. We will know when we are there when guards block our enterance north inside the hut.

Treasure Information : We need to get hold of some caster rings, but the problem is that the ruby ring the mage has is not always with him. Sometimes the mage decides to bring different rings, which are not that powerful, so we will need to catch him off guard

Battle Plans : Once in battle, retreating will prove very difficult. Expect the party to be destroyed often and we will need to use the abilities of a navigator to help us in battle. I think party summon might be worth using, but others look to dimension door. What ever method you choose one of the two mentioned should be your choice.

Usual alies and recruits : Only a tough fighter trained in master defenders should be recruited here and we should bring seasoned casters rank 60 onwards. A healer and abjurer is a must and if we have a navigator with us then things are looking good.