The Elder Druid

Mission Objective : We need to penetrate the angnor forest and locate a druid in order to lay our hands on an amulet and maybe retrieve a password to help in out encounter of a tomblord.

Target briefing : As far as we know the druid sits up a tree practicing spells. We know the druid is a tricky fellow due to past parties having encountered him. Many of the adventurers were thrown out of the tree into the forest. The forest is very hostile so one must think quickly how to get back to base when they fall out.

Location : As stated the target is up upon a tree. The tree is very big and we will need a ladder to climb the tree. Hopefully we can find a ladder somewhere beyond a clearing. It seems it might be possible to borrow a ladder from a lumberjack busy in the forest, but as far as sources tell us, the lumberjack is not too friendly.

Treasure Information : If all goes well, we can receive a powerful amulet, which has druid and healer boosting abilities.

Battle Plans : Because the druid throws people from the tree, we need to make sure people are not stunned when they land. They must run back to camp and if the fighter is not in battle, they need to wait till the group retreats and reforms. A bigger problem is that the target has an offensive healer spell so blasters need to take note that damage will be reflected back at them.

Usual alies and recruits : Many veteran adventurers have actually gone into battle without a group, but if we are to be successful, we will need a fighter, some blasters and a healer and cleric. Perhaps someone with summon can be of use.