The Steward of Gonder

Mission Objective : The king wants his rightful place back and wishes us to remove the steward of gondor from his throne. If we cannot convince him to leave then we will have to use force, but sources say that he is far too gone from his mind to be reasoned with.

Target briefing : Although the steward seems to have lost his mind it may have made him much more dangerous to deal with. He has become powerful dealing fire offensive spells and we cannot always chance to stay too long in battle with him if things head that way.

Location : The area is gondor, which is to the east of the city. Luckily there are no hostile guards there, but a recent survey has shown the door is locked and we need a key. There however is a hut nearby where elves state the key might be protected.

Treasure Information : The steward has a number of items that could be of interest. A crown which might be of use to clerics and a cloak and palantir. The king also has a staff and if our mission proves successful. We are allowed to share the loot between us.

Battle Plans : As stated in the target briefing, the steward has become versed in fire spells, so we cannot risk to stay in too long. It must be mentioned to the party members where we can retreat because the exit is not so easily seen.

Usual alies and recruits : I say rank 60 members should be fine. A fighter with or with berserk should be ok as long as they have trained parry and dodge. The rest we do not have to be too choosey.