Blain the evil sorcerer

Mission Objective : It is a vicious target and would need some patience to defeat. We hear the sorcerer is busy working on evil spells.

Target briefing : Our target will not give us a chance to find out his weak spots, once we are in his area, we will have to strike quickly before he notices us. Many of the villager know of blain's presence, but have left him alone due to having problems with goblins that have laid seige to the village. A guard has been placed to protect blain, but he should not prove too difficult to get past.

Location : Our target lies deep beneath the underground of the village of hor.

Treasure Information : We heard that the target has leggings with twists on them. Such leggings would be of great use to our caster collection.

Battle Plans : We cannot stay in battle too long unless we have protection against fire, if that is not possible then we must have a powerful healer that is very quick in area spells.

Usual alies and recruits : A fighter with some mages and a healer, but if we have a druid we can withstand the damage from fire areas and spells a lot longer.