The Huge balrog at Frozen Woods

Mission Objective : Far deep in the crypt within the frozen woods should be a demonic monster located upstairs at the highest levels of the crypt. We need to destroy the target in order repel the forces of evil that has laid seige to the school after an experiment went wrong.

Target briefing : The balrog is different from the one we had encounted in the caves of moria. This balrog is far tougher and seems more intelligent. It will take some time to defeat it.

Location : Our expedtion to the frozen woods located the target at the highest levels of the crypt. There are many guards and blockers there. We can run past some of them to save time, but a few will have to be destroyed before we reach our target.

Treasure Information : We noticed the balrog was wielding a large firey whip. It would prove a most useful weapon against foes who are weak against fire, although the weapon is very heavy to wield a fighter trained in the ancient fighting arts would find this weapon quite useful.

Battle Plans : Because of the whip we will need protection against the fire, we can also feel the monster can cast fire spells so we will need some cold spells to lessen the heat at the battle. We can repel the guards at the area, but we must be fast since some guards are winged demons who reinforce the lines very quickly.

Usual alies and recruits : A fighter or paladin will be good then we will need mages or other type of blasters, although the balrog is harder than the one in moria it should still prove useful to ask other fighters to help do some damage, but to be safe ask mages to help.