The huge balor sits high above the mountains

Mission Objective : We must travel to hemlock and listen to a tale of adventures bold and true. We must then continue past an army and head up the rocky mountains fighting puckle guards where then we will climb high up to more mountains where giant dwell. We must then face our target the balor.

Target briefing : Although not known to be aggressive. Balor is known to be boastful of his abilities in battle. We must show him how seasoned we have become from our past adventures. He will taunt you, but do not let that doubt your abilities.

Treasure Information : He has some fighter equipment that could be of some use.

Battle Plans : We can hope that his allies will not aide him in combat, but make sure not to do area spells in the room and keep an eye where to flee. Balor will cause fire areas, but they should be weak enough for us to keep fighting.

Usual alies and recruits : Bring an abjurer and healer, hitters or blasters are most welcome as well.