Balder the skeleton

Mission Objective : There been tales of a ancient undead that provides alcoholic bevages to visitors at a castle, however we have travelled to the castle far northwest and found no clues of its whereabouts.

Target briefing : We could not find the target and have searched nearly all over the castle greenlight, so we do not have much to go on.

Location : We believe our target is far northwest of the city, the journey is quite long and to make it worse we have to cross the snowy mountains.

Treasure Information : Since we cannot find our target we can only assume some other force has taken over the undeads duties and is protecting its treasure. We have noticed some cloud blocking some stairs, perhaps its beyond there.

Battle Plans : Our tank or holy warrior should be able to distract the target so long as the healer is doing his duties.

Usual alies and recruits : At best a paladin who has high faith in his god and his abilities would be useful if that proves a problem then we will need a fighter who can ignore lots of pain because the target has been known to hit very hard. The battle would go a lot faster if we recruit powerful mages.