Andrei the Butcher

Mission Objective : We need a strong study weapon that can gut our enemies and the only way to get such a good weapon is to find andrei who is a butcher, either he will hand over the butcher's knifer or we must force him to hand over the knife.

Target briefing : The target seems small and does no dangerous attacks that we know of, but when there we must be careful.

Location : We must travel to the village of Barovia the journey is long and dangerous. There is not much chance to avoid pain as the mist that surrounds the area is dangerous to breath. We then must head to the wolf's den where we will hopefully meet our target.

Treasure Information : We only need the knife and hope it will be worth the cost of the battle.

Battle Plans : Our tank will just need to distract andrei long enough for our party to damage him.

Usual alies and recruits : A strong tank and an abjurer is a must, but we can choose from a large variety of guilds to select for damage ranging from melee guilds to caster.