The Wolf Priest Gnaargh

Mission Objective : We are to travel to wolfen city and howl at a statue. Once entered no humans are allowed except to be sacrificed so expect to be attacked on site. Other wolves might not attack us. We must look for a lever to open a trap door and thus find a key by searching tombs. Once out we need to swim through a pool to find a door and repel off more attacks. Once we are through look for a wall to push and unlock another door to hopefully stop another sacrifice.

Target briefing : The wolven priest is an evil being who lives to sacrifice life for his purposes due to a twisted understanding of worship. We shall stand no more for his horrible ways.

Treasure Information : Lots of dark shadow eq lays around the room.

Battle Plans : His in a room surrounded by aggros, even his pet dogs attack and when you flee they even run after you.  Luckily the wolf priest whistle's and the hounds run back to him

Usual alies and recruits : Paladin or fighter, mages and abjurer with healer and cleric.