Verne, the winged vampire of death

Mission Objective : We must adventure through the dangerous spider forest over in the new continent and then climb and enter a gate, which will repel us a while with lightning. If we can climb and jump upon the stormy clouds we can then fight on past cloud guards. We must destroy the vampire before he feeds again.

Target briefing : The vampire lives high up above the clouds only comming out to feed. He might be expecting an attack soon since the citizens have become desperate and have employed us to hunt the vampire down. We will not fail them.

Treasure Information : We could use its cloak to help our fighting ability

Battle Plans : We can attack with courage, but we must plan our retreat most carefully, we can navigate through a shelter or if our leader is experienced of the area we can flee further to regen in peace, but be aware that the vampire can track very fast.

Usual alies and recruits : An experience fighter and leader, blasters, or paladin, healer and abjurer.