Mission Objective : We need to find stilgar and we believe the keyholder is here. We must break in and break a crystal.

Target briefing : His not very friendly at all and upon entering his abode, we should take heed and act fast.

Location : Go to Neckbreaker desert and at path go 4 north, n, West all the way and north and enter, portal then North and West all the way. Then Up I think then East all the way. Prot yourself before you push the wall. Wimpy is out. There is some crystal in the room with the aggro guard. Break it to receive a key and if you feel real tough you can use that key to take on muad'dib or stilgard.

Treasure Information : We would mainly like the key, but his suit might be of some use.

Battle Plans : Take care how you retreat from battle and how you enter it. Avoid being confused and being overwhelmed by areas.

Usual alies and recruits : You might take a cleric or healer with you, but you ll need a fighter and ranger to take the hits. Make sure members follow you into battle.