The Dreaded Tomb lord

Mission Objective : If we have managed to defeat the elder druid. We need to listen carefully to the druid's last words and hope we can catch something about the tomb. There is a tomb deep within the forgotten woods. If we can breach the tomb, perhaps some treasure awaits us, but we do expect it to be guarded.

Target briefing : Sources have been verified that a tomb lord is present in the tomb and is so dangerous that it has been sealed there for eternity. Anyone foolish to enter the tomb without major fire power will surely not survive.

Treasure Information : Seems to be fighter equipment and abjurer item.

Battle Plans : If you feel brave enough to try the tomb then bring a psionicist with you. Not many monsters in this realm tinker with the opponents mind, but this one has the ability. Make sure you have a healer with great power and awareness and bring preffs that is great in damage. Your tank must be alert and issue commands as a great leader should. Expect mist to repel you for some time.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, abjurer, healer, bard, cleric and blasters along with a psionicist.