Tang Tu the master of marital arts

Mission Objective : We are to face Tang Tu the famous monk of martial arts. We need his leggings to help us defeat hard targets in the future, we know he will not hand them over, but all the same we are prepare to take it or take a beating. We fully expect Tang's followers to protect him.

Target briefing : Tang Tu has been training very hard since we last raided the monk guild. He has also moved his guild further away from the city so as in order to stop more raids. Many have decided to leave Tang in peace, because attacking the guild these days can only be done by very experienced raiding parties.

Treasure Information : Leggings of the ancestors are the equipment in Tang's possession and have been handed down from monk to monk from the ages.

Battle Plans : We might need to take out some of his followers before we head to Tang, but in battle we are not too sure what to expect.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, healer and mages along with abjurer and cleric.