Stone statue of Kali

Mission Objective : We are to travel to the Oasis under the hot sun and reach a town trouble by a statue that is worshiped under dark rituals. The locals claim the statue comes alive and too many have been sacrificed to it. We adventurers must not put an end to this abomination.

Target briefing : If your a Paladin you ll have no trouble from her hits, However she has so many darn specials you wished you never heard of this monsters. As for me I like doing this Statue. I think its a cool eq monster to go against.

Treasure Information : Some lovely braclets?

Battle Plans : Perhaps you can get a member in the party that does a lot of stuns on Kali. Although its not often you ll find one. When kali gets a grip on your neck in which she is ready to crush it to the size of a soda straw. Start praying that you can escape. It helps to prot people against psionic attacks.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, healer, abjurer and blasters.