The mad priest Starwind

Mission Objective : We must raid stargrove and defeat the mad priests. There will be many defenses, but if we hold fast then we can reach our target and claim glory.

Target briefing : Starwind is very powerful and his follows will state the facts to you. He is so powerful he has been known to banish demons. How can we expect to beat him? hopefully knowledge of other raiding parties might give us some detailed aid.

Treasure Information : He carries a caster cloak

Battle Plans : We have several ways to defeat starwind. If your party is powerful, you might want to go straight for the main target and defeat starwind himself. If you are lacking in comrades then you would be best to destroy starwind's aide because he heals starwind in combat.

Usual alies and recruits : You will need an abjurer, healer, cleric and some blasters. A druid might be of use here.