A Hag looking to drain more souls

Mission Objective : We are to destroy many monsters located at bravoria in the mists area. One of our targets is located in a yard. We are to destroy a horrible hag.

Target briefing : This monster drains exp off members...Not much, but enough..if all your exp is gone...then you DIE. Some members may have marytn ring which has resist drain. However what makes it worse is if you die trying to tank or blast her due to area, you ll still loose exp anyway, making it harder to kill her

Treasure Information : Dark eq and hopefully an item thats light.

Battle Plans : Its important we enter the battle with around 2 meg experince, but if your lacking power then you might wish to double that. It would be good to use magical damage against the undead.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter or paladin, blasters and healer, maybe abjurer if paladin is lacking.