Rob the zombie

Mission Objective : Every so often, it seems someone called rob the zombie escapes from the mental asylum. He refuses to stay dead. This is probably due to the incompetent medical staff. Anyway, what we need to do is find rob and capture him, well his brains at least.

Target briefing : Rob zombie is known to chat complete nonsense, or he might actually be a musical genius, but most would consider him lost too the world and thats not just counting his physical state. He roams the realms of zombieland making it difficult for the most experienced ranger to track him.

Treasure Information : A jacket which can protect against a lot of physical damage, but if we can capture his brains a greater or lesser reward awaits us from the medical establishment.

Battle Plans : We must act fast in battle or he ll wander away from us. We need to be brave for he is a terrifying figure causing many to flee and he can hit quite hard to.

Usual alies and recruits : We need nearly the full works, abjurer, healer and blasters. Bring a cleric as well least he defeats us in battle.