The Ranger Lord

Mission Objective : The word from fellow rangers and others who guild members who envy the ranger guild lord states that a man almost naked stands at the Ranger guild keeping watch on his fellow rangers and information on Nature passed to him by Crows?

Target briefing : He is called the ranger lord and stands proud as it seems he has mastered the skills of all rangers. Those stupid enough to take him on soon find the blows of his axe.

Location : He is easy to find, just go to the ranger's guild and there he stands proud.

Treasure Information : We could do with his axe and cloak.

Battle Plans : We must do quite a bit or preparation before battle. He has many nasty attacks so its best to protect members against physical and electrical damage and not just the fighter.

Usual alies and recruits : We might need higher grade ranks for this. The fighter should have good fighter equipment and be well trained in ignore pain and berserk. The rest mages, abjurer and healer with a cleric.