Psionic Spirit

Mission Objective : There is a circle of stones out of ravenloft city. We should try to pry it open in order to check if our sources are correct about an ancient spirit buried there.

Target briefing : He lives under a stone in the ravenloft area, in fact words says he was banished there. You need some type of bar to actually move the rock and you ll need the Strength to do this. However if you visit the weapon smith in the village you might get a chance to get the crowbar.

Treasure Information : I think it has something that vampires hate.

Battle Plans : As soon as you open the boulder he will attack you on site, so be prepared. He does many psionic attacks, but a good party can hold it off. Take advantage of wimpy areas.

Usual alies and recruits : A strong fighter, healer, protter and some blasters.