Orcus the demon prince

Mission Objective : We must solve the puzzle of the druid tower and summon forth a demon, the ritual must go wrong in order to get the demon into view.

Target briefing : Orcus is the prince of demons which all the druids know about, you might here one or two muttering something about the demon. The druids are trying to contain it and do not want knowledge of the demon getting out.

Treasure Information : The demon carries some staff and shield

Battle Plans : Druid tower. Kill each druid within the tower. You will need a druid hat, an animal whip, wooden ring, a mixing fork and some sceptre. Find a dragon and kill it, then kill all the mobs above him and the master druid. Next enter the mirror and kill the aggro mob and next enter floor. You now must find FIVE places to put items in. When they have all fit in these places go to the center of the tower and pull lever to summon the master demon.

Usual alies and recruits : You may choose a paladin or fighter, the rest is up to you.