Obizuth the Arch mage

Mission Objective : We are to lay seige to the unholy tower where obizuth is and work our way up floor by floor clearing each demon on site that blocks our path. Each demon is stronger than the other and they will mock us before and during battle, but we will prove to them who is stronger.

Target briefing : Not much is known about obizuth, we know he has a powerful staff and likes to keep himself away from others. He is surround by demons and there have been rumors that there is a demon even more powerful than obizuth guarding his master.

Location : I believe far northwest of zombiecity, when at the drawbridge the password is fire and then we must go upstairs.

Treasure Information : We need a fighter ring and some treasure.

Battle Plans : We must becareful and time is not on our side, if we take too long in battle then the demons come back, we also need to make sure our fighter is not banished from the tower.

Usual alies and recruits : We do not need battle hardened members for this. An average grade recruits should be fine.