Noogie the demon

Mission Objective : We need to destroy Noogies invasion plans and destroy his comet machine, but to access his portal will be difficult. Many things stand before us and we must stand fast and true, if we are to reach our goals.

Target briefing : Noogie is a massive demon who always wants more souls for himself. He lives in space within a portal and has finished building his comet machine. He plans to use the machine to smash a comet into zombie world.

Location : He is in a portal and to reach him we need to build a powerful staff. We need some items. First we must destroy a vulture and then take its egg to nisbin who will in turn give us a staff, but we need more than one staff so unfortunately we must take the other staff from nisbin.

Next we take the two starves to enfall and give those to him. He will make us the powerful staff, but instead he wants to destroy noogie. We cannot allow that because we want the glory.

Once we have the staff of destruction, we must place staff in a hole in the center of the area and hopefully a portal will appear. We all must enter the portal, because it is not stable and we just kill the comet creature when there and 2 north is our target.

Treasure Information : We should skin noogie once he has fallen. He can provide many great armour and weapons.

Battle Plans : Whatever you do keep your cleric alive and if you do not have a cleric then leave the mission alone until you have one.

Usual alies and recruits : For safety sake get a fighter, abjurer, cleric and healer, the rest should be blasters.