If You dont run, he will do more than just scare you away.

Mission Objective : We are to breach the center of the cornfields and attack the alien scarecrow generals and then work our way to their boss the scarecrow.

Target briefing : He is an ugly scarecrow with red gleaming eyes and attacks anything on site. The scarecrow has lots of helpers and guards. Expect to die lots of times there.

Location : For a monster so fierce, he is easy to find. Your only trouble is surviving long enough to get past all the aggro monsters in order to find a safe attacking range. I usually go e, se, s from the mob or somewhere close by.

Treasure Information : The scarecrow has lots of items and sometimes he brings different items to battle. These range from different ancient weapons to either fig or caster shirt, fig or caster amulet and fig or caster headset.

Battle Plans : We need to take out the kernals first and there are two of them. Then we must target his champion and usually different ones come on to the field, sometimes kazmal or sometimes another. The worst one is the one that causes members to bleed and not heal.

Not only do we have to worry about his helpers, we get corn assassins, flock of scarecrows, mud that traps us in battle and fear from helpers along with area attack spells.

When we nearly reach our goals, we must becareful not to blast the scarecrow with a type of preferance it likes.

Usual alies and recruits : We need a full set of hardened warriors here. Fighter, abjurer, healer and cleric the others have to be blasters hopefully mages, but other blasters might be ok. If you have a bard, things are looking up.