Brother Martyn

Mission Objective : We need a holy artifact to help us in our quests either to join the dark legion or to destroy it. Our caster could do with a ring as well.

Target briefing : Our target stands at the altar in ravenloft almost surrounded by evil. He prays for time of peace as the town is under seige from zombies and vampires. Martyn is quite powerful and if we are evil aligned he is well prepared since he protects himself constantly.

Location : Located at the start of the town in mists area.

Treasure Information : We need a ring and maybe his head if you want to go down the path of darkness.

Battle Plans : Well, when I fight him, I tend to panic when he starts spellcasting. Leave your abjurer outside and try not too stay too long on areas, if you don't have a good healer...try to leave when he habo's you.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, abjurer and cleric, maybe some damagers since they do not really have to be mages.