Mandok, Leader of the Black Circle

Mission Objective : Our mission is to find and defeat Lorain's evil brother Mandok who is currently trapped as a statue in the mage's guild. We must awaken him from his petrified state and put him to sleep forever.

Target briefing : If there was ever a tricky target then this is it. Once we free him, we may wish to regret it, but priceless fortunes await us if our battle goes well. Mandok is very tough, but he does have weaknesses.

Location : As stated before he is currently a statue in the mages guild just underneath in the chambers. We can only waken him if we have the medal from lorain. Of course we ll have to kill lorain to get it, but mandok is one of the greatest evils to behold and he must perish. Once we have the medal, we can place it on statue.

Treasure Information : Mandok seems to hold some strange piece of weapon, whats it for? He also sports a nice caster cloak and psionic bracelets.

Battle Plans : We must run to a room that glows with colour to make mandok attack us with that preference, but if our prefferance is greater than his and our protection is greater than his then we are in the correct room. Usually I go to the room at the bottom middle where it is harder to breathe, but I make sure I am mostly protected by magic and the rest protected by the prefferance.

Usual alies and recruits : Fighter, mages, healer and abj and someone to summon us back to safe room because mandok likes to throw flames at people who flee and he likes to check each room for those who are resting.